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Entry for’s laser cutter contest.

Posted in Contest Entries, Uncategorized with tags , on November 13, 2011 by jackBuffington


I *REALLY* want a laser cutter but have never had a good enough excuse to buy one so when I found out about the contest going on over at, I decided to enter.    The contest requires you to build something that uses light in some manner.   Ultimately, I will probably enter two things into the contest.  The first one will be a wall sconce that looks like it is made out of regular perforated aluminum but when it is turned on, it will project an image onto an opposing wall.   It will do this by varying the diameter of the holes in the aluminum, allowing varying amounts of light to pass through.    I have done some tests with different bulbs and different diameters of holes.  So far so good.   I’ll keep posting updates as I progress.